We know that students need to be taught how to study effectively. But putting together a program is an onerous, time-consuming task – especially when you have so many other things you need to do in your job.

Many schools have a timetabled study lesson for senior students. But let’s face it, without a proper program, quite often this just becomes a ‘private study session’ in which many students do nothing and those who do work continue to follow their usual, often inadequate, study techniques.

What if we could make this easy for you?

Our experienced team of teachers has created and resourced 26 workshops to cover the key skills required by every student to study effectively, regardless of the subjects they study, or the education system they are learning under. Each one is full of practical advice and provides tips to help students adopt the techniques immediately.

Our study skills sessions are designed not to help your students learn the content to pass their school subjects, but to develop the skills and foundations to study effectively for school and for lifetime success.

We want to help all students achieve the results they need to be able to follow their dreams.

By purchasing our workshops, students will have access to:

  • a lesson outlining the skills and providing clear examples and explanations
  • a workbook for the topic
  • interactive quizzes and activities related to the topic
  • a FB group of like-minded students
  • access to teaching experts to answer questions and provide advice
  • a communication system that ensures your child feels part of a community, and a level of accountability to complete and implement the course

Talk to us today about how we can best work with you to give your students an educational advantage.

Want To Custom Design A Program To Suit Your Specific Needs?

Simply purchase the content as individual lessons and put them together however you like. You can choose to do just a few specific lessons, or use us to plan and resource your two years of ATAR preparation – you barely have to lift a finger!

Each individual workshop comes with a teaching PowerPoint that steps you through the content, worksheets and activities, video clips, quizzes and questionnaires – everything you need to teach and engage your students. All you and your staff have to do is deliver it. (Or, students can listen to the pre-recorded workshops, enabling them to complete the course in their own time and at their own pace).

The workshops are hosted on an interactive platform, enabling us to monitor your students’ progress. It allows them to receive instant feedback and gain points for each step of their participation, with leader boards to further encourage their progress.

The program can be customised to suit your school, enabling you to choose only the workshops that your students really need. Individual students can even do a different suite of workshops, enabling you to completely differentiate for your students’ needs.

Purchase an online subscription to the workshops broken down into weekly, fully resourced lessons that you can implement in each of your timetabled study lessons. Teachers will be given electronic access to the content complete with any PowerPoints, worksheets and activities needed to teach the skills. Schools can choose to purchase as many or as few workshops as they like, making it a very affordable and flexible program that can be fitted in around your school’s needs.

Schools and students receive:

  • pre-course student data
  • lesson content and all resources – designed to provide interactive and incentivised learning experiences
  • regular follow-up with students – all students are invited to join our on line discussion group engaging them in a wide learning community of support; regular check-ins to monitor student progress and achievement of goals; a sense of accountability and motivation
  • post-course student data, enabling the school (and students) to see the impact of the workshop