Utilising Past Papers

Completing past exam papers is a great way to prepare for your upcoming exams. Although the questions on your paper won’t be the same, they will help you to become familiar with the wording of questions.

Looking back over a few years will help you pick up commonalities across papers and get a feel for key topics.

You might even like to look at papers from other states – but keep in mind that the curriculum is a little different so don’t be scared if you haven’t covered all of the same work.

Always complete the exam papers under the time limits that were set for the papers. This will help you train yourself to work as quickly as you will need to do during your actual exam.

Below are the links to all of the external exams in each state. Simply select your subjects and follow the links to the past papers.

Please be mindful of the copywrite restrictions with regards to the downloading and distributing of papers, as clearly stated on each of the Government department websites.

To access the papers, select the subject and follow the links.

New South Wales – HSC

HSC past papers (NSW Education Standards)

Northern Territory – NTCET (set by SACE)

NTCET past papers (sace.sa.edu.au)

Queensland – QCE

QCE past papers (qcaa.qld.edu.au)

South Australia – SACE

SACE past papers (sace.sa.edu.au)

Tasmania – TASC

TASC past papers (tasc.tas.gov.au)

Victoria – VCE

VCE past papers (vcaa.vic.edu.au)

Western Australia – WACE

WACE past papers (scsa.wa.edu.au)

To access exam papers, go to Courses and select your course. Scroll down and click the tab ‘Supporting documents including external assessment material’.