Resources For Parents and Students

Life with a year 11 or 12 student is not always fun and games.

  • You spend more time nagging your child to work than they actually spend working
  • You’re worried that 12-13 years of study is going to go to waste when your child’s ATAR doesn’t actually get them into anything – let alone the course of their dreams
  • Your child has always done quite well at school, but suddenly seems to be pulling out Ds
  • Your child claims to want to succeed, but doesn’t seem to be doing much about it
  • Family life is nothing but stress and nagging
  • Your child spends hours studying, but never really achieving anything, and certainly not getting the results to show for it
  • You’re worried that your previously happy, easy going child may be lost forever
  • You constantly feel guilty that you are going to bed while your child sits up working all night (even though you know that this is the direct result of their procrastination)

The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s time to reduce the stress and reclaim your lives.

We have a number of different options available to help your son or daughter have the smoothest possible ATAR journey.

Study Success Workshops

These online workshops will step your child through the key study skills needed to succeed in every ATAR subject.

Each workshop breaks the skill down into simple but effective steps that your child can implement immediately to develop a study routine that actually works.

No more nagging to get them to study.

No more frantic nights before assessment is due.

No more lengthy sessions of ‘study’ in which nothing is actually achieved.

Your child will learn to study more effectively and in far less time, giving them a clear sense of focus and direction, managing procrastination and reducing their stress levels… and your blood pressure!

English Masterclasses

Every child needs to pass English in order to get a QCE (senior certificate).

These masterclasses will step your child through the requirements of each of the 4 English tasks, providing advice, examples and activities to help improve.

Finally your child will actually understand each task and know how to provide the marker with evidence of knowledge and skills that will ensure them better results.

Study Guides

The study guides cover the 8 QCE External Exam texts and other commonly used titles.

If you don’t see notes for the novel you are studying, please send us an email to and we will get to work on them for you!

Your child will know precisely what the marker is looking for and be shown examples of good and bad responses to understand how to pick up bonus marks in the exam.

Additional Resources

Simple but effective resources that will help students manage their time more effectively and take control of their study journey.

ATAR Activation Call

If your child is feeling pretty lost and you’re kind of at your wit’s end, maybe you could use a bit more direct support and guidance?

Book an ATAR Activation call so that we can chat about how we can make this happen.

For $27, you and your child will receive an hour long diagnostic session. Your child will be given a short diagnostic test to identify any areas of concern and we will have an in-depth chat with you about any current issues or blocks regarding study.

This will help us all see what areas your child could most use help with to prepare them for ATAR.

Together we can map out a plan that will provide your child with more focus, clarity and direction.

Then we can talk about how much support you’d like them to have.

  • access to the Study Skills workshops
  • online support in Face Book study groups
  • weekly group tutorials (via zoom)
  • weekly individual tutorials (via zoom) designed to support classwork and focus on their specific tasks.

You can choose from a basic DIY approach by purchasing the 5 Steps Program workshops, or a more guided approach with regular accountability check ins. Or, why not take the premium option and have us walk with your child throughout the journey and support them every step of the way?

The choice is yours.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed, you and your child will have a better idea of what is required for ATAR success, and a much clearer path to follow, even if you decide to go it alone.