Our masterclasses step students through each of the four General English Assessment tasks, breaking them into the different criteria and assessment descriptors.

Students will understand what each descriptor means and what the examiner is looking for in order to award high marks.

Examples of good and weaker responses will show students both what to do, and also what to avoid doing in each task.

Example texts are used to enable all students to understand the process, regardless of what novels, plays or films they are studying at school. In this way, they are able to step through the actual process with appropriate texts and then apply the same strategies to their own work.
For the Creative Writing Masterclass, Jean teams up with Brisbane writer, Nick Earls, to show students both the theoretical requirements and the practical application of creative writing skills and techniques.

Recorded masterclasses on the General English Assessment tasks can be purchased here. For a quote or to make a booking for an in-school workshop, please contact the office: