The skills needed for ATAR are quite specific. You need to have good communication skills in every subject. You also need to be able to memorise and retain information throughout the whole year. These workshops will give you those specific skills – and many others.

You can do the workshops at your own pace and however it suits you. Start with 5 Steps to Study Smarter, and from there you can do the workshops in any order, depending on what skill you want to improve.

Our Facebook Group will help keep you on track and provide a place for you to ask questions. In this group we will host regular zoom sessions so that you can get more help. It will also be a place where you can form study groups with other students.

The tips and skills you will learn in these workshops will help you use your study time much more effectively. This means you will get a lot of time back in your life. The workshops are all designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

All of our study guides are digital resources that can be accessed as soon as you create a membership login with your individual username and password.

Not at all. In fact, starting in year 10 will give your child even more of an advantage as they will be ahead of the cohort going into year 11. This will make units 1-4 smooth sailing.

The 8 workshops cover general study skills that are needed by all students in all education systems. Only the 4 Masterclasses are specific to the Queensland system – and even then, they are the same genres that will be tested in English everywhere.