Not sure how to build study techniques into your routine? Our blog posts feature study tips on essential study skill strategies and how to apply them every day so that students can achieve their best possible ATAR.

How to Change Your Focus of Control

The Locus of Control

6 tips for students studying to change your focus of control.
You'll see how can you shift your locus of control from external to an internal?
- Take control of your environment.
- Control your calendar
- Be self-disciplined
- Chunk your work
- Control your attitude
- Reward your success
5 Tips From Mock Exams

5 Tips From Mock Exams

Many students fail to take mock exams seriously or to really look at their results. But they can be a great learning tool, providing valuable insights into where you need to improve your study habits and techniques in the lead-up to exams in order to get the best possible results.
How to Use the Lead Up to Exams

How to Use the Lead Up to Exams

In an ideal world, you should have been studying and revising for ATAR exams all year. But if you have left things to the last minute, it's no excuse to quit. There are still effective study techniques you can utilise to help you make the most of the time you still have in the lead-up to exams.
Unmotivated student

How to Boost Your Motivation

Sometimes it’s really hard to find the motivation to study. We might be feeling tired, unwell, or maybe just apathetic. But, whether we feel like it or not, the work still needs to get done. So, lets look at the most effective study techniques to help you boost your motivation.
Why Unseen Exams Aren’t Totally Unseen

Why Unseen Exams Aren’t Totally Unseen

Many students fear the external ATAR exams and the unknown elements in them. Focusing on the best study techniques to put you back in control will remove much of the stress and fear that surrounds them.
Stressed student

How to Cope With Stress

Almost 1/3 of teens report feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But a little bit of stress is necessary to keep us motivated, focused and healthy. The trick is to learn to manage your stress levels and use it to your advantage.
Sleeping dog

How Naps Can Help You Study

Many students engage in all-night study sessions in an effort to stay on top of their heavy workloads. But sleep is actually an important part of the study process, providing an opportunity for the brain to consolidate, categorise and store new information. Without enough sleep, no amount of study will enable us to improve our results.
5 Facts About Cognitive Verbs – and why they’re important

5 Facts About Cognitive Verbs and Why they’re Important

If you or your child is in year 11 or 12, no doubt you will have heard of cognitive verbs and how important they are in the new syllabus. In order to respond to an assessment item, students need to have content knowledge. This is obviously subject specific and topic specific. The cognitive verb tells students how they are required to respond. So, what exactly is a cognitive verb and what role do they play?