Entries by Jean Yates

How to Overcome Failure

Poor results are common, and you are not stupid, or hopeless just because it has happened to you. All you can control is how you deal with the disappointment and use it to fuel your determination to succeed.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Many people think of mindfulness of zoning out, but in fact it is the process of zoning in, being fully immersed in the present moment and engaging all of your attention and senses in order to heighten the experience.

When Is The Best Time To Study?

One of the biggest challenges people face is finding the balance between their everyday “life” activities – sport, cultural activities, work, relaxing and socialising – and studying. So how – and when – can you find enough time for studying? Should you do it first thing in the morning? Lunchtime? Or later in the day?

The Routine for Results

Success doesn’t stem directly from the amount of time invested. If you want to succeed as a student, the trick is to organise your day efficiently so that you can achieve more in less time.

How to Make the Most of Mock Exams

Far from being a waste of time, mock exams are an excellent tool to help us improve our study techniques and habits to make the most of our time in the lead up to the final ATAR exams.