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Need Help With ATAR?

Jean Yates Teaching Students

Good study habits don’t come naturally to most students. They need to be taught.

Our workshops and masterclasses take the habits of top performing students, (compiled over 30 years of research and teaching) and break them down into simple, effective steps that any student can apply.

The Change From OP To ATAR

The change from OP to ATAR is the most significant educational change in Queensland in 40 years. While there are many advantages to the new system – greater comparability with other states, subject specific examinations, more consistency across schools and higher accountability – any change can be daunting for students, parents and teachers.

Many study skills and techniques are consistent across all schooling systems and all subjects. Every student needs to set goals, to time manage effectively, to revise, memorise and recall information, and to structure a logical, sophisticated response. Many students would also benefit from developing the skills of mindfulness to help take the stress out of their studies.

With subject specific external exams, some of which assess a whole year’s work, students need to learn new habits and study patterns. Regular revision will be needed to help them stay on top of their work and not try to cram everything the week before the exam. Higher levels of exam literacy will also be needed to help them decode the questions when they are not written in the voice of a teacher with whom they are familiar.

Our workshops cover the 8 key skills that all senior students need to learn in order to succeed in their studies. These skills will not only help them gain the ATAR scores they want, but will help in every area of their lives. Each skill is broken down into 5 steps, creating the 5 Steps to Study Success Program.

Our masterclasses are designed to target the 4 assessment tasks in General English. Each one addresses the task requirements and criteria one by one, explaining what the markers are looking for, and providing example responses for students to clearly see what is expected of them.

Students can improve their study skills by purchasing our workshops and masterclasses, or they can gain additional support with a mentor who can guide them through the process and keep them on-track and accountable.

Give your students the educational advantage they need to gain the ATARs they want to pursue their dreams.